YOU can save lives now – and in the future

You can join our “community of courage” made up of not just Moffitt’s physicians, staff, and researchers, but also over 30,000 supporters, who are committed to revolutionizing cancer care and turning today’s research into tomorrow’s lifesaving treatments. They are people like you — current and past patients, family members and loved ones, volunteers, and generous friends actively working towards this shared vision.

Cancer touches us all. Cancer unites us all.

At 29 or 30 years old, you think you’re immortal, and when someone tells you that you have cancer, it wakes you up and makes you re-examine all of your priorities and the direction you want to take in your life.”

H. Lee Moffitt, former Florida state legislator and cancer survivor who was the impetus behind the state’s first comprehensive cancer center in the late 1970s

How You Support Our Work


Because of you, Moffitt is pioneering life-changing treatments that were once not thought possible.

Education and Training

Moffitt educates more oncology professionals than every other institution in the state of Florida combined.

Outreach and Awareness

Moffitt conducts outreach programs that provide health education in the areas of prevention, early detection, and screening.

Patient and Family Support

Moffitt brings help and hope to patients and their families throughout all stages of treatment and survivorship.

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