Moffitt gave me hope and life!! I was 48 yo in 2018 and decided to train for a half marathon. I started training and couldn’t even run 1/4 mi. Having run off and on throughout my 30s and 40s I knew that something was wrong. I went to my primary and he ordered a chest X-ray. I was then told my chest x ray was fine and to come back in 6 mos. Knowing my body I demanded to see a pulmonologist who ordered a CT scan. We were thinking I had asthma, allergies, blue algae or red tide symptoms. When the CT scan showed a mass Stage 3b NSCLC in my lung – we were all in disbelief. I made appointment with local oncologist who then said to go straight to Moffitt to see a top surgeon who can tell you if its inoperable or not. An appt was made and we saw Dr. Robinson who is one of the best surgeons in the country. He told us that I was inoperable and introduced me to the Radiologist team and the Oncologist Team within the same appointment. We left overwhelmed but a good overwhelmed knowing we were in the right hands. On the way home Dr. Dillings called me personally and told me I was perfect for a clinical trial of one of his colleagues. After reviewing the paperwork we decided to participate – I was patient ID #1 of a phase 1 trial. Knowing I was helping to find a cure or treatment for others is such a wonderful feeling that I really can’t put in words how grateful I am to have this opportunity. So treatment began where the word of Dr. Robinson streamed through my mind daily that my “job was to not loose weight and to exercise.” Being physical therapist assistant I knew what that meant….I continued to try and run going through treatment. I didn’t loose too much weight. I did radiation, chemo and immunotherapy. I’ve continued “my job” and I’ve run 4 5k races, 1 10k race and 1 half marathon – all within 15 mos. I continue to do “my job” and run 3-4 times a week and currently training for another half marathon. My immunotherapy was done in January 2020 and I continue to fight this disease. Thank you for my awesome team and all the awesome healthcare workers at Moffitt!! Mass has decreased in size! As a side note: My half brother only 2 years my senior passed away in Baltimore from the same diagnosis on the day that I started my treatment with Moffitt – December 26 2018. Now I’m 50 and fabulous and running around town!