Hi, my name is Chris and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 28. I had gone for a routine gyn visit and my doctor found some cysts on my right ovary. Since I was on oral birth control, he felt he needed to investigate more. After an ultrasound, my doctor recommended a cystectomy. Three days after the surgery he called me and told me the news: Pathology had revealed cancer. I was in shock. I was only 28, had just gotten married a few months earlier……. My doctor gave me several options, but highly recommended a referral to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. I agreed, and a few weeks later was on my way to Moffitt to meet Dr. Edward Grendys for the first time. The moment I met him, he put me at ease. I had brought a list of questions, which I never got to ask, since he answered every one of them just by explaining what he was going to do for me. Six weeks after my cystectomy I was at Moffitt for a staging surgery and removal of my right ovary and tube. Before I went into surgery I asked Dr. Grendys if he could save my left ovary. My husband and I wanted children and were worried. He assured me to do whatever he could – he would take biopsies and examine them in the OR to determine if the left ovary was healthy. The operation went well, he took 50 biopsies and my right ovary – but left me the second ovary. My care at Moffitt after the surgery was exceptional. Everyone was friendly, professional and upbeat. Before my discharge Dr. Grendys gave me the news that all the biopsies had been negative for cancer, but that he recommended chemotherapy due to the aggressiveness of the original cancer. I consented and also agreed to enroll in a clinical study at Moffitt comparing the effectiveness of 3 rounds of chemotherapy compared to 6 rounds in patients with ovarian cancer. For the next 5 months I traveled to Tampa on a regular basis to see Dr. Grendys and have my chemo treatment. Every time I felt that I was important to all the staff and that they took very personal interest in the outcome of my treatment. I am now 51, have been cancer free for 23 years and am the mother of a beautiful 17 year old daughter! My husband and I are more than grateful for everything that the doctors, nurses and support staff at Moffitt have done for us. That is why we support Moffitt! Hopefully, with all the excellent work that you do at Moffitt, my daughter will never have to worry about cancer!