My son was diagnosed with ALL on April 30, 1986. After six months of trying to find out why he kept getting sicker and sicker a doctor (one of many we tried) finally realized what was happening. We were sent to Moffitt the morning after the diagnosis. Dr. Eva Hvizdala met with us and explained what tests we had to go through…and the potential treatments, and outcome. She was a godsend and helped us through so many tough times during my son’s treatment. After the initial three years of chemo and radiation, we had one good year where we thought he was going to be okay. Almost a year to the day, my son was at Moffitt for a regular check-up and it was determined that he had had a relapse of the ALL. I remember that everyone cried, including the doctors and nurses. My son was old enough then to know…and to ask “why” I had to make him go through all of the treatment again. He was given a 10% survival chance…which meant our lives as we knew it were also given that minimal chance. Now, many years later, my son is still here with us….thanks to Moffitt. He is a wonderful man with the best sense of humor (even after all he went through), an attorney….and someone I couldn’t imagine losing, then or now. Thank you again – to Moffitt and all of the caring doctors and nurses there.