I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma in November of 2014. One of my Doctors sent me to a hospital in Miami. After discussing my options with the Doctor, he said the lump behind my right ear must be removed ASAP. He told me he would try but he couldn’t promise that he could save my ear or the muscles in the right side of my face. He scheduled me for surgery that day. I spoke with my oncologist, who I have been seeing for a previous bout with lung cancer, and explained what the Doctor told me. He said no way, cancel the surgery you are going to Moffitt. His staff scheduled a consultation within the week and 2 weeks after that I met with the surgeon, Dr Gonzales. He said he would remove the lump and was sure he could save my ear and the muscles in my face. My surgery was scheduled for January 2015. True to his word, the operation was a complete success. I have a scar from my ear to my shoulder which is hardly noticeable anymore and I do not have feeling in my neck and shoulder because the nerves were destroyed which could not be helped. I do get immunotherapy infusions every other week which last about an hour. Here it is May 2020 and I feel great. I am so grateful to Moffitt and Dr Gonzales for saving me and giving me a great quality of life in the process.