From that moment my husband gave me the thumbs down as his doctor informed us he had a cancerous tumor the journey began. Finally we had an answer for why he felt so bad. My husband, Bill decided within days that he wanted more than what was available where we lived. From the first phone call to the day we left their care Moffitt exceeded our expectations. They quickly had us registered and set up for all the additional testing and then arranged to meet with the surgeon. That surgeon reviewed all the test results and mapped out his plan of action to give us our life back. He looked at his calendar, pointed to the date. He looked Bill in the eyes and explained what he would do. Clear, straightforward and focused. That is when the rest of the team stepped in . All the nurses, the administrators, help with paperwork,there was always someone there to tell us what to expect as my husband faced the removal of the tumor and his kidney. And the care after surgery was top notch. The nurses made a bed up for me so I could stay with him and did their best to aleve my fears and anxiety as they were caring for my husband post surgery. They were angels as they dealt with his pain, my fears and they were excellent, skilled care givers for five days. That surgeon was Dr.Speiss. We left the hospital to travel home feeling all had been done and we could begin to breathe again. We could stop holding our breath. There have been follow up yearly check ups, still all clear, with the Moffitt team and there are not enough words to describe our gratitude. We feel blessed everyday since and hoping we will remain alumni of the Moffitt family. But just know we feel they are the best family to help you on your journey to battle cancer.