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Faith in GOD

Dr. Caudell and team took care of my treatment and guided us [family] thru it all. Everyone was caring and kind. I was always informed in all aspects of treatment. I believe I will be found Cancer free at 5 years, as of now I have no sign of cancer , since January of 2019. […]

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Changing lives everyday

I came to Moffitt Cancer Center because I live in the Panhandle and there was no facility with the quality of Moffitt nearby. Because of the early diagnosis of my peritoneal cancer, surgery and treatment I am now in a very positive recovery mode. Fingers crossed. As an aside a friend who supported me through […]

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spouses cancer

about 16 years ago my wife had cancer in her nose. she was operated on at moffit, just about got a whole new nose job. so far she is cancer free. june of 2019 my son was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.he completed chemo treatment in dec and also radiation treatment. in feb the cancer was […]

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The Moffitt Family

From that moment my husband gave me the thumbs down as his doctor informed us he had a cancerous tumor the journey began. Finally we had an answer for why he felt so bad. My husband, Bill decided within days that he wanted more than what was available where we lived. From the first phone […]

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Beating the Percentages!

Moffitt gave me hope and life!! I was 48 yo in 2018 and decided to train for a half marathon. I started training and couldn’t even run 1/4 mi. Having run off and on throughout my 30s and 40s I knew that something was wrong. I went to my primary and he ordered a chest […]

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My son’s story…..

My son was diagnosed with ALL on April 30, 1986. After six months of trying to find out why he kept getting sicker and sicker a doctor (one of many we tried) finally realized what was happening. We were sent to Moffitt the morning after the diagnosis. Dr. Eva Hvizdala met with us and explained […]

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A Diamond in My Backyard

As a practicing pathologist in the Tampa Bay area, I knew of Moffitt only peripherally from its earliest days when one of my friends became Moffitt’s first head of the Pathology Department. Occasionally, a friend would mention having treatment there. However, due to my, “familiarity breeds contempt,” attitude, I didn’t think of Moffitt as somewhere […]

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Thank God for second opinions

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma in November of 2014. One of my Doctors sent me to a hospital in Miami. After discussing my options with the Doctor, he said the lump behind my right ear must be removed ASAP. He told me he would try but he couldn’t promise that he could […]

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My story would begin with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer from my Gainesville doctors in May of 2010. On the advice of a friend I sought a second opinion from the doctors at Moffitt. After an ultra sound guided endoscopic biopsy the Moffitt doctors said that they disagreed with my Gainesville doctors. We embarked on […]

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My walk With God

I went to Moffitt after having cancer three times. My local oncologist recommended I go to Moffitt for a Stem cell trier. I spent five weeks with the Moffitt family. They so wonderful in their care.My Husband was about to stay with me. After my five weeks I was move to the Hope House for […]

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I was a newlywed at 28

Hi, my name is Chris and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 28. I had gone for a routine gyn visit and my doctor found some cysts on my right ovary. Since I was on oral birth control, he felt he needed to investigate more. After an ultrasound, my doctor recommended a cystectomy. Three […]

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Working at Moffitt is more than a job

My journey with cancer started in middle school when a good friend passed away. Since then, I’ve had several friends battle breast cancer and recently two close friends lost their parents – one right before I began working at Moffitt. So for me working at Moffitt is very personal and my way of honoring the […]

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My connection to Moffitt began when my dad started treatments for colon cancer in 2000. He had already undergone years of chemo, radiation and surgery before arriving at Moffitt. Still, his tremendous positivity and strength was always apparent. This was our last shot at a win and Moffitt brought a glimmer of hope for our […]

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My Granny Is My Why

My granny, Minnie Bell, was the strongest and most courageous person I’ve ever known in real life. When I was a little girl, she lived with us and took care of me while my parents worked, so we were naturally best friends. We loved watching The Price is Right every day and she gave the […]

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