Joan and Ed Tutun

First Impression Inspires Lifelong Support

Joan and Ed Tutun

Joan and Ed Tutun visited Moffitt in 1986, and Ed continues to keep that connection alive with regular donations and a gift in his will.

Ed's late wife was referred to Moffitt Cancer Center for diagnosis and testing shortly after its opening.

"During that visit, I remember sitting next to an older couple whose son was being seen," Ed says. "The doctor came out and shared the news that their son's leg needed to be amputated because the cancer had spread."

Thankfully, Joan received far happier news. Her bone scans showed no signs of cancer.

"We were, and I am still, so impressed with Moffitt," Ed says. He has made a donation every year since, and more recently named Moffitt Cancer Center in his estate plan to receive a specific sum of money. He also established a charitable remainder trust to support his nieces and nephews for the remainder of their lives, after which Moffitt will receive a portion of the remaining trust assets.

"When I was young, I remember my mother sitting down once a month to write contributions to charitable organizations," Ed says. "This was during the Depression … she would send $1 to two or three charities because she believed in giving back. This always stuck with me."

Ed has certainly followed his mother's example and he is proud to be able to give back to Moffitt.

"People are living longer because of the care Moffitt provides," he says.

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