Linda McGeehan

Grateful Giving … Hope for Others

Linda McGeehan considered herself to be extremely blessed when she finished her lifesaving treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center for an aggressive form of breast cancer diagnosed in late 2002.

Her surgeon, Dr. Mokenge Malafa, called Linda his "miracle child." She credits part of the success of her treatment to the personalized care regimen she received at Moffitt.

"These doctors are dealing with thousands of people every day, yet they take time to provide individual care for you," Linda says. "I think that's part of what helps you get better."

Linda finished her treatment on New Year's Eve in 2003. Her experience with cancer prompted her to retire early from teaching. Linda also felt it was the right time to begin giving to Moffitt. Shortly thereafter, Linda put Moffitt in her will.

"Cancer research and prevention is something I will always support," she says. "Adding Moffitt to my will was a way for me to know that my contributions will continue to help others."

Linda still calls Dr. Malafa every year to thank him, and she regularly has lunch with Bekki Reid, the Moffitt physical therapist who helped her and has since become a dear friend.

"I think it's really important that if you have been given something, you should be grateful and you should give back," Linda says. "With something as intense as going through cancer, it's very meaningful to give back."

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